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Agrosecurity Committee


Chair: Julie Smith (VT)
Vice-Chair: Andrea Higdon (KY)

Committee activities are shared with EDEN delegates and others who are identified as members of the Agrosecurity Committee Collaborative Workspace within the EDEN Intranet.
Contact Julie Smith or Abby Hostetler for assistance with being added or removed from that list.


Drafted September 17, 2007


The EDEN Agrosecurity Committee:
  • assesses and documents priorities for agrosecurity issues and funding opportunities for EDEN in this programmatic area
  • offers agrosecurity guidelines for state EDEN members consideration
  • communicates agrosecurity information to the EDEN members and the Extension System
  • markets the abilities of EDEN and the system within and outside of Cooperative Extension Service nationally.
    Explanation of Purpose

    The committee seeks ways to encourage development and use of teaching and outreach materials for county and state faculty and staff. This committee networks with federal- and state-agency, industry, and organizational personnel to help secure funding opportunities, awareness of and use of EDEN products and services.

    The committee recognizes that Agrosecurity can be defined various ways to include agriculture components such as food, crops, animals, transportation, etc. While recognizing the importance of all components in protecting the entire system, the committee started by focusing on products specific to animal agriculture. As opportunities occur to broaden the mission, other segments of food and agriculture production and safety should be addressed and the committee adapted to facilitate the process.

    Strategic Goals
    More specifically, as a result of this committee's work, future EDEN efforts will:
    • More aggressively promote individual farm, agribusiness, and community resiliency planning; with a particular focus on agrosecurity.
    • Provide agricultural Extension personnel with guidance, lessons learned and science-based tools they need to be an active and valued asset in county and state emergency management; which will bring much needed agrosecurity expertise to this process.
    • Promote regionally based agrosecurity planning activities that assemble disparate stakeholders from all levels of government, industry, and academia
    • Promote agrosecurity preparedness and response exercises that include government, industry, and academia.
    • Develop, make available and update, an expanding portfolio of science based agrosecurity resources.
    • Provide leadership and encouragement for state Extension programs to adopt NIMS/ICS and integrate into the existing local and state EM plans.
    This committee functions within the established framework of EDEN and reports to the executive committee and other committees. The primary work of the committee is accomplished:
    • via conference calls with face-to-face meetings only as necessary, and
    • via committee members who attend appropriate state, national and regional meetings on EDEN's behalf.
    The committee is comprised of appropriate EDEN/Extension personnel with three to five appointed federal, ex-officio members included in meetings or calls as required to maximize the communication and marketing functions. Ex-officio members do not hold voting status.

    The vice chair of the Committee automatically moves up to chair for a one year term after serving one year as vice chair. Terms began at the conclusion of the annual EDEN meeting.

    The vice chair may be elected from the EDEN membership at large and does not have to be a member of the agrosecurity committee prior to election.  At the time of election the vice chair must become a member of the committee and agree to serve as chair at the conclusion of the vice chair term.  The vice chair will be elected by the agrosecurity committee EDEN institutional members each year prior to the annual EDEN meeting.

    Access the Agrosecurity Committee Collaborative Workspace (EDEN delegate login required)

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