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Competitive Proposal Collaboration

EDEN's first formal offer for collaboration on competitive proposals is in conjunction with the announcement of the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) competitive grant program by USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The AFRI program information for 2010 was posted March 22; there will be a webcast briefing by NIFA Director Roger Beachy on March 23.

University faculty and staff need to prepare proposals that meet the expectations for NIFA, including for most programs, a scholarly outreach component. The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) would like to be considered as a partner in project proposals where there are common goals and objectives. EDEN can offer unparalleled national leadership and expertise for a variety of food and agriculture topics. 

EDEN has asked leadership at its member institutions to share the information provided below with faculty and staff at their institutions who may be interested in submitting a NIFA proposal. EDEN would like to become involved at the initial phases of the project development process in order to help effectively fulfill outreach component expectations. 

Document sent to land-grant administrators on March 18, 2010.


The Extension Disaster Education Network, which provides national leadership for disaster education, seeks opportunities to actively partner with researchers and educators on USDA/NIFA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) and related grant programs. EDEN wishes to develop and implement projects that address all phases of disaster. Below are examples of potential opportunities for collaboration on AFRI and other competitively funded projects.

Global Food Security and Hunger

  • Teach local disaster teams how to assess agricultural damages following a disaster
  • Promote the adoption of agrosecurity and biosecurity practices by the agriculture industry
  • Engage agriculture industry and emergency managers in strengthening community agrosecurity
  • Document the need for agricultural risk and vulnerability assessment

Climate Change and Other Environmental Impacts

  • Promote best management practices to protect ranch and farm assets from disasters
  • Provide education about potential effects of climate change on hazard management

Food Safety

  • Develop and distribute food protection information to industry and consumers
  • Enhance agency and industry communication with consumers during a food incident
  • Help small- and medium-sized food processors and distributors develop effective recall plans
  • Empower consumers with appropriate post-disaster food safety knowledge

About EDEN 

EDEN not only provides education when disaster strikes, but also enhances partnerships to mitigate disaster and crisis situations in a broad range of topics. EDEN is an award winning affiliation of land-grant (1862 and 1890) and Sea Grant institutions that reduce the impact of disasters through education. More than 267 specialists at seventy-five institutions provide the knowledge that makes EDEN successful. The network interacts with the public through its EDEN delegates and through eXtension ( It is estimated that the public accessed disaster information from EDEN more than one million times per year. Discover what people are saying about EDEN.

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Topic and Course Developers 

Materials developed by EDEN subject matter experts range from relevant in-depth resources on current and emerging issues to interactive learning modules. For example, the EDEN Ready Business module augments the Department of Homeland Security campaign. When presented at FBI’s national INFRAGARD conference, the module was given outstanding evaluations by security officers from multimillion dollar corporations that represented hundreds of thousands of employees.

Focusing the Message 

EDEN provides updated messages on pandemic influenza to Extension specialists and educators as the world struggles with new strains of flu. The USDA, CDC and DHS are taking note of EDEN’s Pandemic Preparedness for Businesses and Faith Based Organizations. USDA says, “Check out the Extension Disaster Education Network’s (EDEN) Web site[] for the latest information on the Pandemic Flu from state and federal sites, programs, and agencies. More information on H1N1 can be found in the “Related Pages” section at the bottom of the page. NIFA is a full partner with EDEN, working with this multistate education effort since EDEN’s inception in the early 1990’s.”

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County-level Agrosecurity Planning 

A model developed by EDEN delegates provides support to Extension educators. This unique training puts all the local stakeholders together and focuses on the unique needs of agriculture planning for that community. A state veterinarian in charge of agrosecurity efforts says, “EDEN gets it right. Their programs understand that actions are local.”

Award Winning 

  • In 2003 EDEN received the USDA Group Honor Award for Excellence.
  • In 2009 EDEN received the USDA Partnership Team Award for Efficient Use of Resources.

Contacts for Initiating Discussion 

To share ideas and discuss partnership opportunities for collaboration on a regional or national competitive proposal, contact an EDEN executive officer or ex officio:

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