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Joining EDEN

Why Join?

The best reason to join EDEN is because it will help you provide services to your citizens who are affected by natural and man made disasters. EDEN puts you in touch with others doing disaster work in Extension. Through the online database, you have immediate access to disaster resources developed and recommended by other Extension educators. The EDEN mission and vision are stated formally on this Website.

As an EDEN participant, you will participate in the e-group communications. The e-group is used most often by members of the group to tap into the experience and expertise of other members, usually to find resources for a disaster response or program development need.

As an EDEN participant you have the ability to catalogue your disaster resources in the searchable EDEN database. Although anyone can access these resources, only EDEN members can contribute. By cataloguing resources, EDEN members add a regional and national scope to their work, which may make that work more attractive to administrators and funding agencies.

View the EDEN 101 Recruiting Video (YouTube)


If your Institution is already an EDEN member

If your Extension Service is already an EDEN member, you can become a participant by contacting your EDEN Point of Contact (POC) and asking to join. Each state has a page that shows the state's Extension and Land-Grant disaster resources and its EDEN participants. Find state information. Participants may represent any area of specialization. Some members include campus faculty who do not have an official connection with Extension but are interested in contributing to the network.

The POC is designated by the Director or Administrator of the Extension Service and shown on the state page under a special heading. Once you've contacted your POC, he/she will send a message to the registrar, requesting that you be added to the participant list for your institution. You then will be added to the Web site and subscribed to the e-group. Your institution's EDEN POC will explain the database password and cataloging system.

If your Institution is not yet an EDEN member

Institutions become EDEN members when the Director or Administrator of the Extension Service submits an EDEN Cooperative Agreement and designates a point of contact. Most EDEN membership has developed when a specialist or county educator wants to participate and approaches the director or administrator, asking them to submit the agreement.

The "Document for Directors/Administrators" can be read on-line or downloaded for hardcopy presentation. The EDEN Cooperative Agreement is provided in MSWord format for download, signature and mailing. Access Documents

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