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Materials below are available for delegates to use for their own disaster education and project purposes.

EDEN Display 

EDEN Display - Detail & How to Get It

  • Single Panel, Pop-Up Display (Display Art)
    • If you'd like to request the use of this display at an upcoming meeting or event, please contact Abby Hostetler, EDEN Communication Specialist ( or 765-494-4390)


Slide Decks and Videos 

PowerPoints / Presentations

EDEN 101 PowerPoint - with narration (68 MB) - New Sept 2016 - A good presentation for Extension audiences, as well as non-Extension audiences who are familiar with the Cooperative Extension Office.

EDEN 101 PowerPoint - with narration (278 MG mp4) - New Sept 2016.  A video version of the narrated PowerPoint. View on YouTube.

The EDEN 101 PowerPoint slide set without narration is available to members in the Marketing Materials Documents section of the Collab Space

Promotional and Testimonial Videos

EDEN (Indiana) Promotional Video  (on YouTube)

EDEN Testimonials, circa 2011:

L. Albertson - watch on YouTube

P. Coreil - watch on YouTube

F. Peppers - watch on YouTube

L. Williams - watch on YouTube

H. Young - watch on YouTube

B. Koch - watch on YouTube 

Members can download files from the Marketing Materials Collab Space.


Printable Resources 

EDEN Letterhead and logos available to EDEN delegates in the password protected collaboration space  (Word Document) - Last updated 3/10

2009 EDEN Publication (PDF - 1.62 MB)

EDEN Course & POC List (PDF) - Last updated 11/10.

What is Cooperative Extension Service?

2016 One-Page Brochure (PDF; six versions in one. Print the page using the disaster background you need. Content is the same for each version.) 

EDEN Promotional Bookmark - Front (JPEG) - created and updated 5/12

EDEN Promotional Bookmark - Back (JPEG) - created and updated 5/12


Templates and Logos 

PowerPoint Templates

2016 EDEN PowerPoint templates are available in three colors. The templates include notes on features that can be used within the selected color themes. Use the standard format if you will be presenting via an older projector and the widescreen format with widescreen devices. 

Blue Template (Standard 4:3)

Grey Template (Standard 4:3)

White Template (Standard 4:3)


Blue Template (Widescreen 16:9)

Grey Template (Widescreen 16:9)

White Template (Widescreen 16:9)


EDEN Logos


TIF (300 dpi - 1.15 MB) - This is a CMYK image (a four-color model).

JPG (100 dpi - 188K)) Use for on-screen viewing, PPt, Web, emails, etc. Appx 6" wide.

EPS (244K) - Use for specialty items, cups, clothing, banners, etc. It is vector-based and can be enlarged to any size with no loss of quality. This is an Illustrator file. Can only be opened in Illustrator or Photoshop.


TIF (418K)

JPG (86K)

EPS (201K)



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