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Parking Instructions

North Central Region International Conference

Parking Instructions:

Special Note: In Fargo Avenues run east and west, and streets run north and south.

Fargo Air Museum

The Fargo Air Museum is located at the northwest corner of 19th Avenue North and 16th Street North. Parking is free. Parking is available on the east and south sides of the museum. Additional parking is available immediately west of the museum at Vic's Aircraft Sales.


The FargoDome is located at the southeast corner of 19th Avenue North and 16th Street North (also called Albrecht Blvd.). Parking is free for conference attendees, but a parking permit is needed. Parking for the FargoDome will be directly south and southeast of the FargoDome. Entrance to the conference at the FargoDome is on the east side of the building.

Sheppard Arena

Sheppard Arena is located at 1350 Albrecht Blvd (same as 16th Street North) about 5 blocks south of the FargoDome. Parking is free. A large parking lot is situated on the east side of Albrecht Blvd. directly across from Sheppard Arena.

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