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EDEN Regional Animal AgroSecurity Conference

All Regional Animal Agrosecurity Conferences are completed.
Materials and information for each conference are available

Six Regional EDEN Animal Agrosecurity Conferences were held during 2007-2008. Each of these achieved the goal of enhancing the understanding of Extension's role, and the roles of other stakeholders, during an animal agrosecurity event. A one-page document has been created to provide an overview of all six conferences:

The Issue:
Extension professionals throughout the country recognize they need to better define their roles -- and the roles of other agencies and organizations -- before, during, and after an animal agrosecurity event. In addition, these roles will vary from state to state, so there is a need to help agencies and organizations to fully understand the capacity to which Extension can serve in this arena.

The Events:
With support from the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) offered three regional conferences in 2007, focusing on animal agrosecurity. EDEN held an additional three conferences in 2008, thus serving the entire continental U.S.

The Goals:
By the end of a conference, attendees were able to describe the roles of Extension and other agencies/organizations in an animal agrosecurity event within their region.

The Objectives:
Conference attendees were able to identify key roles and players in:

  • Emergency and disaster management in an animal agrosecurity event
  • Education during all phases of emergency and disaster management
  • Partnership development within and across states
  • Crisis communication related to an animal agrosecurity event
  • State animal response team development
  • Educational program and material development/delivery for an animal agrosecurity event

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