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Presentation Proposals

EDEN 2007 Annual Meeting

Theme - EDEN: Linked for Preparedness

Hilo, Hawaii

November 6, 2007 - November 8, 2007

Call for Presentations


Presentation Proposals

The EDEN review committee is extending a presentation call for proposals for the EDEN Annual Meeting. EDEN delegates and Extension professionals are encouraged to submit a proposal that would add to the educational programming at the meeting. Selected presentations will be limited to 30 minutes in length.

Submissions are encouraged in areas such as:

  • Curriculum/Programs
  • Network/Capacity Building
  • Training, both External and Internal
  • Resources / Materials
  • EDEN Programming

Proposals must be submitted in Journal of Extension abstract format: The abstract should describe in 100 words or less:

  1. the presentation topic (in one sentence, if possible);
  2. the purpose, thesis, or organizing concept and the scope of the presentation;
  3. the sources of data used, if appropriate; and
  4. conclusions, recommendations, and implications.

Please include the title, presenter name(s) and contact information.

Proposals are due via email by May 4, 2007, to:
&nbps;  : Abigail Borron, EDEN Communications Specialist (

Selections will be completed by the EDEN review committee by May 18, and authors will be notified no later than May 25.

Individuals who are selected to present will be encouraged to submit their presentation materials to EDEN. These materials will be organized and posted on the Web site for the rest of the EDEN delegation to use as reference material.

No travel expenses or stipend will be provided when selected for presentation.

Poster Presentations

If your educational material is better shared as a poster presentation, we invite you to submit a proposal for consideration to be included at the annual meeting. Poster presentations should focus on a disaster education program or event that you provided. The emphasis should include the EDEN connection. We will provide a time on the annual meeting agenda for informal sharing of poster displays. Please indicate whether your proposal is for a presentation, or a poster.


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