Reducing the Impact of Disasters Through Education
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Post-Conference Workshop

Bringing Communities Together in Disaster Prep for Recovery

Involving community members in planning for recovery from disasters can be a challenge. Nevertheless, planning is critical to success.

Through this workshop, participants will be better prepared to facilitate development of Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COADs) using the Extension-developed COAD Manual. They will also be equipped to engage in Precovery (preparing for recovery) through the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF), whether that begins pre or post disaster. This session may lead to a more concerted EDEN effort to bring community resilience and recovery planning forces together - as only Extension can.

We will focus our attention on these two resources, which help engage community members in activities that prepare them to respond to warnings, to protect themselves and their property from damage, and to rise to the challenge of guiding the rebuilding of their community to a better condition than it was before disaster struck. We will explore the activities and typical make-up of COADs and of the long-term community recovery “machine”, the NDRF.

  • The COAD contribution will be led by Conne Burnham, going more hands-on with the Missouri COAD Manual, which will be presented in a concurrent session earlier in the week. Conne will be joined by Extension educators in Indiana and Illinois that have COAD experience. For NDRF, we will have the participants in the nation’s first locally driven full implementation of NDRF, recovery from Hurricane Isaac in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. Raymond Goodman, Local Disaster Recovery Manager, and Wayne Rickard, FEMA Region VI Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator, have given numerous joint presentations on “One Parish, One Future: Building Back Better and Stronger.” Mr. Rickard (travel authorization pending) is also FEMA liaison to support USDA on the national drought NDRF. Others in EDEN who have experienced NDRF, e.g. for Sandy and the drought, are invited to contribute their insights and experiences.

With a fresh appreciation for these independent organizing efforts, we will consider whether providing a bridge between the two would enhance both – and how such a bridge might be built.


We appreciate the presenters sharing the slides and support documents below.


Rick Atterberry, Marketing/Communications Specialist, University of Illinois

Conne Burnham, Exercise & Evaluation Development Specialist, University of Missouri

Steve Cain, Extension Disaster Specialist, Purdue University

COAD Presentations

Conne Burnham's Slides

COAD Materials

COAD Flow Chart and Response-Recovery Transition

Use this Checklist to rate your COAD as beginner, intermediate or advanced

Use this Action Plan as a guide to activating your COAD in a disaster

MO 2014 COAD Manual     Appendices and more


Raymond Goodman, Disaster Recovery Manager, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA

Wayne Rickert, Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator, DHS-FEMA Region VI

NDRF Presentations

Raymond Goodman's Slides

Wayne Rickert's Slides

NDRF Materials

RSF Matrix (PDF) - Table of Recovery Support Functions showing Federal Coordinating Agency, and Agencies having Primary and Support responsibilities for each of the six RSFs.

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