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Registration Q & A

1. What is EFANS?
The Extension Center for Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (EFANS) is a center within University of Minnesota Extension. 

2. Why do EFANS employees have a different registration process?
Since University of Minnesota Extension is the regional host of this conference, to support attendance Extension has offered to pay the following expenses for EFANS employees: mileage, hotel (one night), and registration fee. Participating EFANS members must get their registration in by May 18. There is a separate registration for EFANS employees in order to efficiently facilitate payment.

3. What should I register under?
If you are not an EFANS employee, please register under "General Registration." If you want to participate in the conference as a satellite site, click here. 

4. Who can be a satellite site?
Extension, state, local, and industry professionals can be a satellite site provided each site pulls together a group of three or more professionals (a mix of those listed would be preferred) that are unable to travel to the conference site. EFANS staff (a group of three or more) can register as a satellite site and have the registration paid by EFANS.

5. Are there requirements for satellite sites?
Each satellite site MUST designate a point of contact for each site. This contact must participate in a brief Adobe Connect Training and take responsibility for organizing and managing the site participants, including leading the group through discussions and conference group activities. We will provide materials for the lunch discussion and risk communication activities. Facilitating the group takes no special skill, just a willingness to attend a short training and be the organizer.

6. Are there registration deadlines? 
1. General registration is open until June 25 for EVERYONE.
2. Adobe Connect/Satellite Site Registration is open until June 12.
3. EFANS employees must register by May 18 for either general conference or satellite site expenses to be covered.

7. What is the registration fee? 
Registration fee is $30 for attending the conference. Satellite sites will pay a $25 registration fee per site.

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