Reducing the Impact of Disasters Through Education
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Over 23.7 million inhabitants of the counties represented at the 48 Strengthening Community Agrosecurity Preparedness (S-CAP) Planning Workshops conducted by the National and State Training Teams have been safeguarded from the negative effects of a potential agricultural disaster. Whole community emergency planning teams' participation in the workshop and their sustained efforts enhance the agricultural components of their local emergency operations plans.

The data on this page represents evaluation feedback from workshops conducted by the National Teaching Team after the initial pilot workshops were conducted and the content revised.    

Workshop participants represent a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders that add value to local emergency managers’ efforts to enhance the agricultural portion of their local emergency operations plan. Image A provides an in depth look at participants' occupation(s).

Workshop participants nearly doubled their expertise by participating in the workshop. Based on self-reporting knowledge levels prior to the workshop and after the workshop:

  • 79.1% of workshop participants had a knowledge level of intermediate, above average, or expert after the workshop.
  • 41.5% had a knowledge level of intermediate, above average, or expert prior to the workshop 

Participants identified the following outcomes as a result of their involvement in the workshop (Image C):

  • 92.6% agreed or strongly agreed they met and networked with new individuals that will aid community emergency planning efforts in the future.
  • 89.1% agreed or strongly agreed the workshop provided tools needed to continue development of a local agricultural emergency operations plan and/or start a CAP Team.

  • 90.6% agreed or strongly agreed the workshop established and/or strengthened their opinion that their community needs a CAP Team.

  • 88.3% agreed or strongly agreed the workshop motivated them to collaborate with community leaders to pursue further readiness, response, and/or recovery capabilities.

Quotes/Thoughts from the Participants:

Quote from participant in Hawaii: “The instructors were very well-versed in their knowledge of the subject of agrosecurity. Very high energy keeping the presentations interesting and engaging. Group activities were very useful for exchanging ideas/opinions as well as networking. This training will definitely affect some of my responsibilities on the job and decisions such as resource procurement and exercise planning.”

Quote from participant in Nebraska: “Very good. Well organized. Great for networking. Gave an insight to different sides of emergency response.”

Quote from participant in Kansas:  “I think the workshop is very effective.  Up-to-date, relevant information.  Very refreshing.  The instructors were all very knowledgeable and did a great job keeping groups on track.  I would highly recommend that (our state) continue to host additional workshops.  This was the first time I had seen such a good explanation of what capabilities-based planning is and how to do it.  I plan to use this approach in developing the state ESF-11 plan and associated standard operating guides.”

Quote from participant in New Mexico:  “Thank you for all the expertise brought to us – opening our minds and giving us a perspective on what could happen in our communities and our county and what we need to do to prepare for any kind of accident or disaster.”

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