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Host Site Coordinator Checklist

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Host Site Coordinator Checklist

􀀀 Distribute flyer

􀀀 Send press release and notify S‐CAP Liaison

􀀀 Enroll participants

􀀀 Obtain CEUs (allow plenty of time for processing requests – this can take months!)

􀀀 Recruit local speakers

􀀀 Reserve facility and email information to S‐CAP Liaison (two months in advance)

􀀀 Procure door prizes (optional)

􀀀 Arrange for meals/refreshments

􀀀 Complete and email S‐CAP Host Site Questionnaire (two weeks in advance)

􀀀 Print name tags

􀀀 Print table tents/signs

􀀀 Print agendas and email finalized copy to S‐CAP Liaison

􀀀 Print agricultural statistics handouts

􀀀 Print copies of registration list for attendees

􀀀 Supply shipping address to S‐CAP Liaison

􀀀 Provide equipment and supplies:

􀀀 Easels (one for every team)

􀀀 Flipcharts (one for every team)

􀀀 Projector

􀀀 Screen

􀀀 Sound system (including wireless microphones)

􀀀 Extension cords/power strip

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