Reducing the Impact of Disasters Through Education
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Land Grant University specialists, Cooperative Extension Service educators and/or volunteers located in counties around the United States can benefit from this online course. If you have the ability to do so, EDEN encourages you to let these individuals know about this easily accessible course.
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Use this button to place a link from one or more of your Extension Web pages to information on the "EDEN Animal Agrosecurity and Emergency Management" course. To capture the button-graphic, right-click on the picture and choose  "Save Picture As"

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You can e-mail this flyer to intended audiences in your state, post it on your Web site, or print it off and duplicate for posting or distribution.

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This news release can be used in your university publications and newsletters as well as local newspapers around your state. Note: Be sure you customize the news release to identify yourself as the source, include your city and state at the beginning, and provide your contact information at the end.

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