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Pandemic Influenza Preparedness for Faith-Based Organizations

Course Materials

The following materials are available for faith-based organizations. Discussion material is written with an emphasis on churches. However, the course was designed to accommodate congregations, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship.

Note to Instructor: If the intended audience is one other than a church (such as a mosque or synagogue), please adapt talking points accordingly.

Note to Online User: A future goal is to provide examples of completed pandemic preparedness plans by a variety of faith-based organizations. If an example for your organization type is not represented, please check back often; or submit your completed plan so other faith-based organizations like yours can benefit from using yours as an example.

SECTION ONE - Helping Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) Prepare to be Healthy

Instructor's Guide(pdf)
PowerPoint Presentation
Follow-Up Test (.doc)
Answers to Test (.doc)
Coughing and Sneezing Demonstration Form(.doc)
Hand Washing Demonstration Form (.doc)

Handouts/Teaching Aids
Preparing to be Healthy: Classroom Notes
Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
How Does Seasonal Flu Differ From Pandemic Flu?
What is Influenza Pandemic?

SECTION TWO -- Building Hope: Understanding the Potential Impact of Pandemic Influenza and Creating a Plan

Instructor's Guide (pdf)
PowerPoint Presentation
Follow-Up Test (.doc)
Answers to Test (.doc)

Handouts/Teaching Aids
Pandemic Plan Template
Handout 2.1 - Considering the Impact
Handout 2.2 - Potential Impacts
Handout 2.3 - Step 2 - Example
Handout 2.4 - Step 3 - Example
Handout 2.5 - Step 7 - Example

Certificate of Completion
This certificate should be provided to individuals who have completed both sections of this course. The pdf contains editable fields for the student's name and the date. PDF (398 KB)

Associated Resources

If you have any questions, please contact Abigail Borron ( or
call 766-494-4390.


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