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OnGuard: Protecting America's Food System

Course Materials

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Links and Resources

Reviewing these materials and following the script associated with the PowerPoint slides will help you prepare for delivering an OnGuard: Protecting America's Food System presentation. Note that resources from the ".gov" domains are government documents that can be copied and distributed to participants free of charge. 
Obtain this link list as a MS Word document / - Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) main page containing resources from Extension Services from throughout the U.S. on a range of emergency and disaster topics.  - Article from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on foodborne illness by Dr. P. Mead.  - Statistics on general causes of all fatalities in the U.S. in 2002 from the National Center for Health Statistics.  - Article describing former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson's concerns about food protection.  - Overview and history of state-operated anti-agriculture and anti-food supply programs.  - Excellent overview and case study of Dalles, Oregon bioterrorism attack involving intentional contamination of restaurant salad bars by religious cult members.  - Overview of intentional contamination of animal feed and resulting product contamination (milk, cheese) in Wisconsin.  - Fact sheet from FDA that describes FDA?s facility registration regulation for all food facilities.  - Fact sheet that describes the FDA regulation requiring prior notice of imported food products.  - FSIS Checklist: Preparing for a Weather Emergency  - FSIS food security checklist for food businesses.  - FSIS food security guidelines for businesses involved in the transportation of food products.  - FSIS information (multiple fact sheets on a wide range of food safety topics).  - From FSIS, 16-page document titled Food Safety and Food Security ? What Consumers Need to Know.  - FEMA's Are You Ready? program for citizens.  - FEMA and Red Cross materials on food and water in an emergency. - American Scientist?s review of book on biological warfare by Adrienne Mayor. - Overview and history of state-operated anti-agriculture and anti-food supply programs. - Description of key biological terrorism/warfare events in 20th century. - MICH - Description of hamburger contamination incident in Michigan. - Homeland Security Presidential Directive #9 from the Whitehouse designating food and agriculture as critical U.S. infrastructures. - Fact sheet from FDA that describes administrative detention regulation for food products viewed as unsafe. - FDA information for consumers on food protection and what to do if tampering is suspected. - USDA Consumer Alert: Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency.


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