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A feed of all pages in the entire web site.


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A feed of all of our new news and features as they happen.


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A feed of all of our catalogued resources as they are published and updated.


Agricultural Disasters Topic Areas

A feed of all of our agricultural disaster topic pages.


Families and Communities Topic Areas

A feed of all of our families and communities topic pages.


Hazards and Threats

A feed of all of our hazards and threats topic pages.


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A feed of our human health topic pages.


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A feed of our disaster watch updates.




What is a Feed?

A feed is a data format used for providing you with frequently updated content. When there's new content on a web site that offers feeds, it syndicates those feeds to everyone who subscribes' feed readers. EDEN has setup several feeds for the web site. You can choose to subscribe to the entire web site or only subscribe to certain areas that you are most interested in being regularly updated on. We will be adding more specialized sections soon.

What's is a feed reader?

A feed reader is like your virtual mailbox where the new content from your subscriptions are delivered to you in real time. Having a feed reader with subscriptions allows you to track all of your favorite web sites in one spot. Instead of always going to several web sites to check for new content everyday, the new content is delivered directly to you. A lot of the latest web browsers (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari) have feed readers built in. You can also download a a web-based feed reader such as:

In addition to the above mentioned feed readers, if you have Outlook you can subscribe to feeds directly within Outlook. Click here for instructions.

How do I subscribe to EDEN's feeds?

If you are using a feed reader, just click the subscribe link next to the feed you are interested in and it will bring you to a page with the feed that will allow you to subscribe. If you are using software that has the ability to read an RSS feed you would need to copy the address from that feed's page and paste it into the appropriate area in your software.

Need more explanation?

Video by Common Craft: RSS in Plain English (Youtube)

Last Updated:6/10/2012 9:35 AM

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