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National Preparedness Month - 2013 Campaign

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Note to Educators:  The following materials are available for you to download and use during National Preparedness Month for promotional or educational purposes. If you choose to use a provided piece with its EDEN logo, please retain attribution and non-discrimination statements where they are provided.

Keep in mind that some of these promotional materials refer citizens to their state and local emergency managers for information about local hazards and to get involved in Citizen Corps or other volunteer efforts.  Therefore, when using these materials, it is strongly recommended that you coordinate your National Preparedness Month efforts and messages with local emergency managers.

photo of National Preparedness Month button

Web button 

Web button -- Use this button to place a link from one or more of your Extension Web pages to the EDEN National Preparedness Month Web page (  To capture the button-graphic, right-click on the picture and choose "Save Picture As".
Hi-Res graphic (TIFF 1.2 MG) 
Lo-Res graphic (TIFF 124 KB)

Customizable Email 

The content is already provided. All you have to do is personalize it and send to your intended audiences.  To capture the template, right-click here or on the graphic and choose "Open in New Window"".  Save the open file as file-type "Web Page" (*.htm, *.html) 

News release screen shot

News Release 

These news releases can be used in your university publications as well as local newspapers around your state. Be sure you customize the them to identify yourself as the source; include your city and state at the beginning, and provide your contact information at the end. Right click on either below to capture:

1)       EDEN News Release - Keep in mind that this was created with open blanks within sentences for you to insert your own information.

2)       NPM News Release and Media Advisory - Samples written and provided by FEMA.

Editorial screen shot


In some instances, it may be beneficial to provide an editorial to a local newspaper. Here, you are provided two editorials; all are written with an educational purpose in mind. 
1)  Prepare to Save Your Life During a Disaster
2)  Disasters: Is Your Business Prepared?

Note: Be sure to provide your contact information at the end.

Fact sheet screen shot

Fact Sheet 

This document provides quick facts about disasters in the United States, frequently asked questions about National Preparedness Month, and overall general preparedness information. This is in a format that would be useful as a handout during a presentation. It also has been designed to allow room for your own university and/or state Extension identification at the end. Right-click here or on the graphic to capture.

Talking Points screen shot

Talking Points 

The talking points provide information that is helpful for you to keep on hand when giving a presentation or talking to the media/newspaper. It also gives you a well-rounded amount of information on National Preparedness Month, U.S. disasters, and disaster preparedness. Right-click here or on the graphic to capture.

Placemat screen shot


The placemat is helpful to use when giving a presentation at a breakfast, luncheon or dinner. This design provides a checklist for putting together a disaster supplies kit. Two sizes are available, both as PDF files (Acrobat 7): 
1) 8.5 x 11 (PDF, 375 KB) and 
2) 11 x 17  (PDF, 1 MG) pictured

Quiz screen shot


The quiz is a great handout to use with any audience. It gives a reader an opportunity to find out how prepared he/she is for any type of disaster. At the end of the quiz, readers are encouraged to visit the EDEN National Disaster Preparedness Web page for more information and links to resources that will help to answer their questions. This provides room for your own university and/or state Extension identification. (MSWord)

NPM power point screen shot

PowerPoint Presentation 

(3 MB PPt) -- This presentation provides a general overview of National Preparedness Month, EDEN, Extension's role in disaster preparedness/education, and where to go to get more information. It is designed to be for a general audience but, as a user, feel free to add information relative to your educational objectives. Some of the slides have additional talking points in the notes section.

Printable Handouts 

These handouts are ready to use. Some have specific audiences and others serve a more general audience base. You can customize as needed.

Please Offer Your Feedback
In order to better serve your state and local needs, EDEN would appreciate any feedback you have to offer regarding the National Preparedness Month materials available through EDEN. Please send comments, questions, and suggestions to Abby Hostetler (


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