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EDEN provides structure and support for the Disaster Issues CoP, which was established in 2006. eXtension provides a platform for EDEN delegates and others with disaster-related expertise to work together to deliver educational information directly to the public. EDEN provides links from EDEN Topic Pages to relevant information on eXtension and accepts RSS feeds from eXtension.

Disaster Issues work teams are:

  • Agrosecurity -- Contact  Susan Kerr (WA) 
  • Flooding -- Contact Ken Hellavang (ND) 
  • Avian Influenza -- Contact Kim Cassel (SD) 
  • Disaster-resilient Communities -- Contact Deborah Tootle (AR)
  • Family Preparedness -- Contact Becky Koch (ND)
  • Risk and Disaster Communications -- Contact Virginia Morgan (AL)

The Disaster Issues CoP, like other communities within eXtension, is dynamic and changes to reflect current needs and priority topics. Although CoP membership may include people who are not EDEN delegates, the collaborative relationship between the CoP and the network enhances both entities. Many members of the Disaster Issues CoP belong, also, to other eXtension CoPs.

Content in the CoP is enriched through cross references to information developed by other CoPs. Examples include "Family Caregiving Disaster Preparedness" content produced through the Family Caregiving CoP and "Money Management in Times of Disaster" content from the Personal Finance CoP.

For more about the relationship between EDEN and eXtension, see EDEN and eXtension: Complimentary Systems Providing Disaster Education Resources.

Last Updated:10/5/2011 9:25 AM

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