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Louisiana has made no requests for assistance from the network or our USDA partner.


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May 12: Louisiana is under a state of emergency, federally declared. Record flooding of the Mississippi will crest in Louisiana this month, severely testing the extensive mainline levee system. The Corps has several control structures along the river that it can use to manipulate river levels. Bonnet Carre spillway, just above New Orleans has been opened; Morganza, just above Baton Rouge is likely to open this weekend for the first time in 40 years. Thousands of individual properties and agricultural assets will be impacted. Will provide numeric estimates in the next report.



Preparation for potential flooding is interrupting business. Some personnel will be affected, though the most significant flooding has not occured yet.



The LSU AgCenter began focusing its program and administrative efforts on this event on April 29, with the distribution of resource-list to our northeast Louisiana parishes. Contact was made with the state EOC and relation to ESF-11 Coordinator re-affirmed. A flood task force of administration and communicaiton and program specialist is guiding internal and external assessment and preparedness efforts.

A special webpage was created for the 2011 Spring Flood ( ). A most popular resource has been the interactive mapping site built during Katrina/Rita recovery, which shows users the most floodprone areas and allows them to find their ground elevation.  Considerable effort has gone into making sure users of this standing system understand what it is, what it is NOT, and how to use it. . Utlization has stretched capacity and admin has just authorized significant memory upgrade.

The GIS tools that support this online system have been used offline to help the state prepare estimates of crop damage that would occur if the Morganza spillway is opened.

We have begun reorganizing and upgrading our preparedness  resources and website to highlight information that is useful and pertinent in the current situation. Links to pertinent LSU AgCenter disaster publications were forwarded to field faculty. 



We have interacted with EDEN at the executive level.

In preparation for hurricane season, Becky White had already forwarded information regarding the Family Preparedness Course to field faculty.   We are taking the liberty of "borrowing" some photos from the Family Preparedness course ppts for use on our web site.
We are relying on the EDEN network as a resource for relevant information and links to forward to field faculty.



Louisiana State University   [Pat Skinner]


 EDEN delegates can read individual Response Notes on the Intranet.


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