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If you cannot use EITHER form please use the table below as a guide (or copy the table, a portion of it, or just an item number into an email and add your new information.) It is not necessary to resubmit previous info or to respond to every item. If we can't tell from your email address who you are and which state and/or institution you represent, please include that information.

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Does this report include a request for assistance from EDEN/Extension?  If yes, please explain how we can help.




 Which event are your reporting on? (See list at the bottom of this page).





Situational Awareness: Provide a brief description of the emergency. Include statements about the scope of the emergency (number of citizens and/or geography currently affected/ threatened), the emergency's current and prospective impact on county/state agribusiness, and the current status of state declarations and other actions.





Impact on University Personnel or Facilities: Describe any direct affects or threats to university personnel, including work shutdowns, displacements, personnel that cannot be accounted for, injuries and deaths. Are any campus buildings or county offices affected?





University/Extension Response Efforts: Describe how the University (particularly Cooperative or Sea Grant Extension) is responding to the crisis through disaster education, emergency communication, providing facilities, or other response activities. Please be specific regarding the target audience of these activities and the desired impact.

**** Also, please remember to communicate with your representative to the State Emergency Board (usually your Extension Director) and pass along any information about Cooperative Extension’s participation in that group. ****





Use of EDEN/eXtension Resources: How have you used EDEN/eXtension resources?  Have you benefited by using the EDEN ListServ, resource catalog, topic/issue pages, resources borrowed/shared through the network, conference calls, one-on-one with other delegates or other EDEN asset?




 Comments, Kudos or Impact: Jot down things you'd like to remember for your formal report.



Below are the most current disaster events we are taking response notes from. If you do not see your disaster listed, email EDEN Webmaster, to request it become a listed option.

Last Updated:2/6/2016 5:34 PM

 Latest Disaster Events

Drought 2017
Wildfires 2017
Winter Weather 2016-17
Animal Disease 2017
Tornadoes 2017
Flooding 2017
Zika 2016
Winter Weather 2015-16
Flooding 2016
Animal Disease 2016
Tornadoes 2016
Avian Influenza 2016
Hurricanes 2016
Flooding 2015
Earthquakes 2016
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