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Crop , Dairy, and Livestock

Key and Emerging Crop, Dairy, and Livestock Issues Related to Drought 

New Drought Publications  

 Should I Quit Dairying Because of the Drought ?



Aflatoxins in Corn
Iowa State University

Aflatoxins in Corn
University of Missouri

Aflatoxins Got You Down
University of Kentucky

Crop Harvest and Replanting Options

Drought: Crop management
Michigan State University
Alternative Crops During a Drought
North Dakota State University
Alternative Crops
Iowa State University
Using Drought Stressed Crops
Purdue University
Harvesting Drought -Stressed Corn for Silage
Harvesting Drought-stressed Soybeans for Forage
Michigan State University

Hay Production, Buying, and Selling Alert for Fire Ants

Alert for Producers, Buyers, and Sellers
USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Health




Water Quality  

EHS in deer is causing issues with water quality as dead deer are being found in numbers in already low watering areas, impacting water quality for cattle.

EHD (Epizootic hemmorhagic disease) Cases In Cattle
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, deer and our dinner tables – is there cause for concern?
Michigan State University


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