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November 6, 2011 - a number of earthquakes and aftershocks are occurting in the Oklahoma/Arkansas area. 

JAPAN QUAKE: March 11, 2011: A magnitude 8.9 earthquake that occured off the east coast of Japan caused severe damage locally and produced a devastating tsunami. Destruction from the tsunami was widespread and unprecedented in Japan. The tsunami that propogated across the Pacific spared Guam, caused moderate damage in Hawaii, and resulted in a Presidential disaster declaration for damage in Oregon (issued March 25). Aftershocks, many greater than magnitude 6-have continued, with some resulting in tsunami advisories.

A combination of earthquake and tsunami damage to nuclear plants in Japan lead to a series of explosions, nuclear releases and evacuations that were still on-going as of March 27.  

New Earthquake Game - Illinois 

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The Illinois Terrorism Task Force & Illinois Emergency Management Agency have produced a video game, "The Day the Earth Shook" focuses on teaching children how to survive an earthquake by building a survival kit, finding all the safe and unsafe areas of their home, and learning to protect themselves. Let your kids play at


EDEN Organizes an Earthquake Team 

One of the many lessons learned when the earthquakes struck in Haiti and Chile was that EDEN should have more information available for Extension educators in case such an event occurs in the United States. Delegates were invited to become involved in discussions about earthquakes and catastrophic disasters, and to address a variety of related subjects including;  geography, economic impact, number of people potentially affected, agricultural impact, infrastructure impact, scale, natural vs. man-made catastrophes, diseases, potential partners, funding sources, what preparation education materials already exist and where do we find them.

Rick Atterberry (IL) is providing leadership to the working group, which includes Peder Cuneo (AZ), Robert Halman (FL), Lynette Black (OR), Ann Sakaguchi (HI), Peter Barcinas (Guam),Tim Prather (TN), Conne Burnham (MO), Mike Yoder (NC), Ray Burden (TN), Vernon Turner (KS), Rita Fleming (TN) and Ron Cunningham (WY). If you did not respond initially, and if you have interest in this topic area, please contact Rick Atterberry.  


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