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Wildfire information on eXtension is provided by the eXtension Wildfire Information Network (eWIN) Community of Practice (CoP) and found in the Disaster Issues section.

The "About Wildfire Articles"  page includes links to the eWIN CoP and to two articles about wilfires:

  • How Do Wildfires Behave?
  • How Wildfire Threatens a House 

There are also links to several fact sheets, grouped under the following topics:

  • Before Fire
  • During Fire
  • After Fire
  • Additional Information

Recent changes and additions to these articles and fact sheets are pulled by RSS onto the bottom of this page, along with recent news items relayed through the eXtension system.

Last Updated:7/12/2013 2:50 PM

 More info on Fire (Wildfire) from Disaster Issues on

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