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Resources found here are gathered by replies to email requests for specific types of resources, or were mentioned in Response Notes submitted by EDEN members during the current season. Resources submitted in previous seasons may have been cataloged in the EDEN Resource Catalog, integrated into the pages in this topic area, or remain listed on the Resources Collected page of this area.

Some resources may be useful for other disasters; some resources sent in during recovery from other disasters may be useful in this one. See, for example, the tornado event Resources Collected page, the West Nile Virus page, and the Featured Resources section of the 2011: Spring Melt page

Please send responses or requests for resources to:
Pat Skinner, EDEN Web Manager

Resources and Portals for Sea Grant 

October 7,  2:46 p.m.: South Carolina Sea Grant "would greatly appreciate if your program would send me links to those information resources which might be useful to our communities, businesses, and homeowners as they work to recover and restore their buildings, structures, and homes. And if you know of portals that already exist for such information, please share those as well."  The request was forwarded to the delegated network by NY Sea Grant delegate Kathy Bunting-Howarth on October 8th. Kathy will receive and process responsive, forwarding non-duplicates to SC and to the EDEN web manager.

Initial response from Dave Baker, Retired MO-POC,

Two delegates had received the SG request independently and had offered SC the following and personal assistance:

Ken Hellevang (ND):

 Virginia M. White (AL, through the communications head)

"Emergency Handbook – Alabama Cooperative Extension System” (also in Apple iBook Store)

And the following specific references to items in the handbook.


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