Reducing the Impact of Disasters Through Education
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EDEN's Catalog of Extension Resources members to categorizing the resource by the activity that it describes or the phase in which the activity occurs. The lines between these phases can be fuzzy, and they sometimes overlap with early recovery activities.

Responding includes

  • Responding to Warnings:  Last-minute actions taken when the threat is very near (may be considered being prepared); or,
  • Responding to Events: Things done while the event is underway:

Examples include:

  • Activating response teams and operations centers
  • Boarding, sandbagging, lashing down
  • Sheltering-in-Place
  • Confining Animals to Barns
  • Evacuating (people, animals, the fleet)
  • Drought-coping activities (alternate feed, water)
  • Harvesting to avoid loss
  • Using Standby Power for Milking/Drying


Cataloged Resources for which Activity=Responding

Use the Refiners on the to filter the list to a specific hazard (flood), topic (buildings, crops, etc.), state, or other parameter.


Power Outage is its own "Hazard"    Search for Hazard = Power Outage

Search the EDEN Catalog for specific words or phrases

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