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The main flooding event of 2012 is associated with Hurricane Sandy, which went ashore at New Jersey. It has been called New Jersey's Katrina (Louisiana, Mississippi; 2005), based on the storm surge impacts.

There was flooding in spring 2012 that generated no requests for assistance. Hurricane Isaac created flood problems primarily in Louisiana, and is covered primarily here in the EDEN Hurricanes topic area.

See these 2012 EDEN pages: Superstorm Sandy or Hurricane Sandy.

Extension educators and agents: If you were in the path let us know how your are. If you are engaged in flood preparedness, flood damage reduction and/or flood recovery efforts,
please SEND US A NOTE either by email
or using our online form.

Use "Flooding 2012" as the event name for floods not attributed to hurricanes. For hurricane-related flooding, use the event name "Hurricanes 2012"

EDEN Helps Now

EDEN began its coverage of the 2012 flood season in mid March with an intense rain in south central Louisiana. We contined with the Minnesota / Wisconsin floods of June. See the named events in this season (Sandy) for efforts related to this superstorm.

Early season activities

Flood Preparation Webinar - The 1.5-hour webinar was hosted by Dr. Ken Hellevang, NDSU Extension Agriculture Engineer, and was offered twice.

Ready Business Train-the-Trainer Webinars we offered March 2, 4 and 11. These webinars introduced EDEN's Ready Business resources to Extension educators and others to help them lead the program in their communities.
EDEN provided general messages early in the season.  See the Floods and Flooding page.


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