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2008 Midwest Floods


A summary description of the event will appear here, along with a general statement of the nature of EDEN's response to the floods.

The content of this page is archived for its potential use in defining future responses. Some of the outlinks may no longer be working.

EDEN-Hosted Conference Call 

EDEN held a Flood Recovery Conference Call on Friday, June 27, 2008, inviting all interested EDEN delegates (especially those in the flood-affected Midwestern states).

This call was recorded and can now be downloaded

A few resources were discussed on the call. While listening, please use the following links as quick references:

Moisture Meters (information for purchasing):



EDEN Hosted eXtension Chat 

On April 7, the eXtension Disaster Issues Community hosted its first chat session on flood recovery. During the session, participants posted their questions about drying out homes and other building structures; mold, mildew, what to keep, what to discard; state and federal resources for recovery; and other related items. Our disaster issues experts answered the questions via text chat. This session was sponsored by the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN). A summary of the session follows. Go to to read the unedited transcript.

On hand to answer questions were Dr. Claudette Reichel, Dr. Kenneth Hellevang, Eric Evans, and Steve Cain .

The above notice was copied from the eXtension source page on October 4, 2009. Visit that page for an edited transcript of the dialogue.


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