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2013 Season

Colorado Rockies Flooding - September

Floodwaters are raging through Colorado and Nebraska, resulting from extraordinary rainfall on the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

EDEN has reached out to the states and will be offering assistance; eXtension is updating pages in the Floods section and Flood NEIL co-chair Ken Hellavang (ND) has been taped for public outreach in Colorado.  A first Rockies Response Note details the situation.

NOTE on NOT self-deploying (Scott Cotton, September 16)

Animal and pet rescue related to the Colorado floods is being coordinated by the Colorado OEM (Office of Emergency Management), the Colorado State Veterinarian, and Colorado Pet Aid (a subdivision of the Colorado Vet Med Foundation). Anyone wanting to offer any type of resource or assistance should contact Debrah Schnackeberg at Colorado PetAid. Her email address is

It is crucial resources do not attempt to self-deploy with the infrastructure so damaged in the Front Range of Colorado.

EDEN support conference call - September 17 3 PM E/2 C/1 M to start the conversation with delegates involved in flood recovery.

When "noting" your response or assistance, select "Colorado Rockies Flooding 2013" as the Event Name in EDEN Response Notes.  Please submit notes when your Extension system offers assistance to Extension in the impacted areas. EDEN and eXtension will be submitting notes to document our efforts.

FEMA Disaster Declaration for Colorado on September 14, 2013
Colorado Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides
Major Disaster Declaration number 4145


Flash Floods in May

Flash flooding affected New York May 29, Arkansas May 30, and Oklahoma and Missouri May 31. Flooding in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri was associated with severe weather that also included tornadoes.

By May 10, eight major disaster declarations included flooding. Beginning in February, states affected by floods included Mississippi (DR-4101), Louisiana (DR-4102), Maine (DR-4108), Massachusetts (DR-4110), Illinois (DR-4116), North Dakota (DR-4118) and Iowa (DR-4119). Tribal lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (DR-4103) were also affected.

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