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Friday, November 8

Typhoon Yolanda (International Name - Haiyan) made landfall in the central Philippines, primarily affecting East Samar, Samar, and Leyte provinces. By the 10th, we had connected with international member Bicol University in Albay province. See the Typhoon Haiyan page.



2013 has been a remarkably quite year for Atlantic hurricanes. With three weeks remaining in the season (which ends November 30) there as been not a single Federal Disaster Declaration for a 2013 hurricane.

Resource Requests and Response Notes 

Current requests for assistance are associationed with Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). See the Hurricane Current Requests page.

Requests from prior seasons are moved to the Resources Collected page.

If you are participating in Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts, including assisting our Bicol University EDEN International Member with their response and recovery efforts, please send in a Response Note
Select Typhoon Haiyan 2013 as the event name.


Facts and Tracking 

Watch the National Hurricane Center Forecast RSS feed at the bottom of this page for NOAA warnings and a look at emerging systems.

Visit FEMA to find Presidential declarations.

NOAA's Quicklook shows the predicted 5-day track and warning cone, the potential extent of tropical storm force winds, hydrographs for the tide stations that would be within the potential-impacted area, and the current National Hurricane Center advisory information (text format, under “Storm Analysis”). EDEN has previously used and referred users to the free, private (non-governmental) Web site "" to obtain interactive, graphic presentation of data from NHC and several other sources. In 2012, the providers of this site converted it to a commercial subscription service. StormPulse is providing free access to the site for educators. Use this link to apply: 


EDEN Helps Now! 

Virginia M. White (AL), International Member Liaison, and Pete Barcinas (Guam) are co-leading the EDEN effort to assist Bicol. Leilani Pavilando, the director of the Extension Service at Bicol, has indicated they are gathering cash and in kind donations to send to the affected areas and they are gearing up to help deal with the emotional trauma of the event.  We have not received a request from them for other information at this time, but they know we stand ready to help. 

Information about International donations began circulating and a web page was developed to share the considerable experience of our delegates in this area. The first product of that effort was published November 15, 2013, in the Resilient Communities section of EDEN Families and Communities.


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 Latest NOAA - National Hurricane Center Forecasts

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