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Resources Collected 

2012 October 29 - New York requested samples or templates for post-event press releases.

Response from North Dakota:

There are a whole series of flood news releases and PSAs at

There are several related items at

Resources from Louisiana:


Resources Volunteered 

December 2013

What Happened to Our World: Helping Children Cope with Natural Disaster and Catastrophe

This resource, updated in 2011 for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, was referred to us by Andrea Burniske (IN) during the discussion of International Aid for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Andrea's comment on sharing this with the International Collaboration workgroup: "Mercy Corps has developed many of these tools as part of their program, Comfort for Kids (Katrina, Mitch, Gaza, Peru, Haiti, Japan and many other places). I worked with Mercy Corps in responding to the Peru Earthquake and we adapted some of the tools for child psychosocial help with schools there."

                      Download the PDF from Mercy Corps.

The resource was developed originally for disasters in the United States. Andrea provides this comparison:  "The original approaches (9/11 and Katrina) were a bit different from what came later, overseas. The US approaches are more oriented to build the capacity of social workers, educators, and others who worked with the kids. The overseas approach was similar, although in situations where there often was less of a system in place (although this wasn’t the case in Japan), and so the approach was oriented towards NGO partners."   

                      Download the 2005 (Katrina) PDF.   Download the 2005 Facilitator's Guide.


November 2012

Facebook page for Isaac:  Missouri Extension and its Facebook partners put up a hurricane site for Isaac. If you have info that needs to be posted there, please send it to David Burton at, MO Extension contact monitoring the site. 

Provided by Bev Maltsberger (MO)

Spanish translations for three popular publications:

  • Flood insurance.  Tucker, J. (2012).  Publications No. 2949-AA and 2949-AA-SPAN
    Retrieve from LSU Agriculture Center Website  Access PDFs for English and Spanish

  • Avoiding home repair ripoffs.  Tucker, J. (2012).  In D. Hurlbert, D. Cross, S. Fair, C. Richard, C. Stephens.  Publications No. 2949-Z and 2949-Z-SPAN 
    Retrieve from LSU Agricultural Center Website  Access PDFs for English and Spanish  

  • Preparing your evacuation “grab and go” box. Tucker, J. (2012).  Publications No. 2949-I and 2949-I-SPAN
    Retrieve from LSU Agricultural Center Web site  Access PDFs for English and Spanish  

  • Provided by Debbie Hurlbert (LA)


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