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Hurricane (Superstorm) Sandy


Last Updated:  December 22 

Massachusetts received a disaster declaration (for Public Assistance only) on December 19th.

As restoration efforts begin, survivors are learning about the new flood insurance reforms that will impact their future finances.  For more on this, see

The major impacts of Hurricane (Superstorm) Sandy are from flooding - by saltwater. Find flood recovery resources on the EDEN Floods and Flooding pages 

The President has signed Disaster Declarations for eight states.  DR numbers (below) are linked to the declaration pages on FEMA's website, where detail is provided on counties declared, instructions for registering for assistance, the types of assistance available and locations of Disaster Recovery Centers:

 Connecticut (EM-3353)    


 Delaware (EM-3357)  DR-4090  (PA only)
 District of Columbia (EM-3352)  DR-4096  (PA only)
 Maryland (EM-3349)  DR-4091  (PA only)
 Massachusetts (EM-3350)  DR-4097  (PA only)
 New Hampshire (EM-33600  DR-4095  (PA only)
 New Jersey (EM-3354)  DR-4086, all counties
 New York (EM-3351)   DR-4085
 Rhode Island (EM-3355)  DR-4089 
 Virginia (EM-3359)  DR-4092  (PA only)
 West Virginia (EM-3358)  DR-4093  (PA only)

EDEN delegates are urged to enter Response Notes into the system. so needs and activities can be shared with USDA and be archived learning-experiences for EDEN delegates at other institutions in future disasters.

FEMA's "One Week Later" Summary 

Hurricane Sandy - One Week Later – More than $210 Million Approved in Individual Assistance

One week ago today, millions of Americans from North Carolina to Maine braced for Hurricane Sandy.  For more than 12 hours, hurricane and tropical storm force winds, storm surge, and flooding impacted 12 states; and more than eight million people lost power. Transportation systems in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, DC came to a halt, and more than 12,000 commercial flights were grounded. And for the first time since 1888, the New York Stock Exchange was closed for two consecutive days because of a natural disaster. But we are a resilient nation:

As of 3 p.m. Monday, November 5, more than 234,000 individuals in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey have registered for assistance, and more than $210 million has been approved in FEMA Assistance. Individuals and businesses should visit for more information on how to register with FEMA.  

  • Disaster Recovery Centers continue to open in the hardest hit areas. Twelve Disaster Recovery Centers are open in New York, two in New Jersey and three in Connecticut and more continue to open.
  • Specialists from the state, FEMA and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) are on hand to answer questions and provide information on the types of assistance available to survivors.
  • FEMA has activated, at the request of the states, its Transitional Sheltering Assistance program for New Jersey and New York. This program allows eligible survivors who cannot return to their homes due to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy to stay in participating hotels or motels until more suitable housing accommodations are available.  

Looking ahead to the winter storm forecasted to hit the East Coast Wednesday evening, FEMA is urging residents to be safe as cold weather temperatures threaten areas impacted by the Hurricane Sandy.  The risk of fires increases with the use of supplemental heating, such as space heaters and any fuel-burning appliances in the home, including furnaces and fireplaces, are a potential carbon monoxide source. Ensure both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working and if using a generator keep it as far away from your home as possible – away from doors, windows or vents that could allow deadly carbon monoxide into the home.


Sandy - Forecast Path at Landfall 

NHC Graphic showing Sandy at Landfall

Sandy as she hit the coast creating record surge levels on the Jersey shore and Long Island. Inland rain was less than for last year's Hurricane Irene. Sandy was met on the west by a winter storm and thus dumped significant snow in West Virginia. A week later, the area was hit by a Nor'easter, which interrupted recovery operations and caused additional power outages, while dropping temperatures to dangerous levels for those without power.




Resource Requests and Response Notes 

Requests for assistance in response to Hurricane Sandy can be found on the Current Requests page. Additional resources have been volunteered.  See the Resources Collected page.

Response Notes for Hurricane Sandy have begun to come in. North Carolina was first to file.  Reports have been received also from New York, and two from states outside the impact area offering assistance (Indiana and Illinois). Extracts of these notes will be posted on individual state-experience pages. 

  • North Carolina Experience
  • New York
  • Indiana
  • Illinois

If you are responding to - Sandy, please send in a Response Note
Select Hurricanes 2012 as the event name.


Presidential Declarations of Emergency 

FEMA got out ahead of the storm in the Disrict of Columbia and the following states (except West Virginia). The President signed Emergency Declarations for DC and states marked (EM).

  • Connecticut (EM-3353)  
  • Delaware (EM-3357)
  • District of Columbia (EM-3352)
  • Maine
  • Maryland (EM-3349)
  • Massachusetts (EM-3350)
  • New Hampshire (EM-3360)
  • New Jersey (EM-3354)
  • New York (EM-3351)
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania (EM-3356)
  • Rhode Island (EM-3355)
  • Vermont
  • Virginia (EM 3359)
  • West Virginia (EM 3358)


EDEN Helps Now! 

November 14 - EDEN's Flood NEIL hosted a second conference call for delegates in affected states. The first call was held November 5. EDEN has created a "Sandy Recovery" collaboration space for document sharing and communication within the recovery group. All EDEN delegates can access the space; only members of the group can contribute. Login is required.

October 28 - EDEN ECOP Liaison, Paul Coreil, offered assistance to directors and program administrators of Extension programs in the affected states. The specific, and unusual, offer was for EDEN to create back-up capability for critial web-based communications and outreach resources for each state, to be used if the member's websites were taken off line by the storm.

EDEN initiated tracking of Sandy on October 23 and newly-installed EDEN Chair, Rick Atterberry, sent a first all-delegates alert on October 26. A second alert was sent October 27 which included the names of the states in which FEMA has initiated response activities:  Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia. Delegates are encouraged to submit Response Notes

Flooding is a major concern in the affected areas. See the Floods and Flooding Topic page for information on flood impacts and additional resources.


Last Updated:12/22/2012 5:27 PM

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