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May 12: The 2015 tornado reports were low until April. During the month, 185 tornadoes were reported across the country. May has continued that trend with 151 tornadoes reported in the first two weeks. Affected states: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. Kansas has received the brunt--53 tornadoes--to date. NWS Storm Prediction Center also provides annual summary data.


[2013] June 17: At least four towns in northeast Nebraska were impacted by tornadoes Monday June 16. Survey teams were deployed today to assess damage, determining the number of tornadoes, the EF-scale intensity, path length, and path width for each tornado. United States Tornadoes shares this post about the supercell that developed in the area.


[2013] November 18:  Record numbers of tornadoes ravaged the midwest Sunday November 17.  Early reports of significant damage in Illinois and Indiana.  One of the affected counties hit in Rick Atterberry's county, where he plays a role in county emergency management.  Six deaths have been reported in Illinois. We know from personal emails that Indiana and Illinois delegates were engaged in immediate response on Sunday, and continued their efforts Monday.

This report from Rick Atterberry will be included in Response Notes, which he plans to do after the sun sets.

"As you might expect this has been a harrowing day.  We are so very fortunate that no one was killed in Gifford, but there are 200 homes damaged and as many as 40 of those may be destroyed.  To make matters a bit more intense, my home town of Washington was hit even harder.  I still have not been able to reach my father, but my brother was able to work his way around the roadblocks and see that he and the house are ok.  However, the home of one of our nieces was badly damaged and her sister's home down the street was also damaged.  I have seen the aerial photos and it would appear at least 700 to 1,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.  There was one fatality and 37 injuries there.   We are actually sending a technical rescue team from Champaign to continue searching for victims there tomorrow. (sent November 17 and posted here with Rick's permission."

Delegates please use the EDEN Response Notes to share your needs and activities related to the 2013 tornadoes. Select Event Name "Tornadoes 2013".  Response Notes are archived in our Intranet and shared immediately with our NIFA liaison's. Excerpts from Response Notes are sometimes posted on our public website.

High Wind Reports for November 17 

NOAA Map of High Wind Reports

Response and Recovery resources can be found on this page, and these two related pages:

See EDEN's Disaster Watch page for federal disaster declarations and situation updates.

Get current severe weather situation from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center. Also see their Online Tornado FAQ series for answers to common questions about tornadoes


FEMA Policy Change Regarding Safe Rooms 

The FEMA Mitigation Safe Room Policy provides guidance on the use of HMA funding for extreme wind mitigation activities including safe rooms under the Pre-Disaster Mitigation program (PDM) and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).

"The 2012 waiver will allow costs associated with land acquisition to be an eligible project cost and eliminates the requirement for FEMA to review draft operations and maintenance plans prior to project approval. "  - FEMA email blast 3/8/2012.


AVMA Grants for Vet Services in Disasters 

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) has established AVMF individual Reimbursement and Relief awards (grant programs) to assist veterinarians in the wake of a disaster. All veterinarians who are in the US and are American Veterinary Medical Association members are eligible. The Veterinary Practice Relief program and the Disaster Veterinary Animal Care Reimbursement program were created in 2005 in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster to ensure veterinary care to the animal victims of a disaster.

Veterinarians affected directly by disaster can apply for up to $2,000 in assistance. Those who incur costs by offering veterinary medical services to the animal victims of disaster can apply for up to $5,000 in assistance.

Click for additional information on these grants:

- Information provided by EDEN delegate, Extension Veterinarian Roberta Dwyer (KY).


2011 Winter Storms and Tornadoes 

March 6: Pat Skinner (LA) reported March 6 that Louisiana is using the EDEN Tornado page for Acadia Parish, where an EF2 Tornado struck Saturday, March 5 killing one and injuring a dozen. Over 120 building are reported to be severely damaged, including the local high school. The impact on Extension or its facilities was not known at the time.

For the March tornado and high, high wind events, please choose "Winter Storms - 2011" in the Response Notes "Event Name" drop box.

Spring Tornadoes

April and May  2011 tornadoes in the southeast and midwest set new records for death and destruction in the Unitied States.  June saw it's first deadly tornado touch down June 1 in Springfield, MA.

EDEN tracked the April, May and June events separately. See these subpages:

  • April 2011 Series - Southeast U.S. most intense in Tuscaloosa, AL, multiple states in the sequence
  • May 2011 Series - Midwest, most intense in Joplin, MO, multiple states in the sequence
  • June 2011 Series - Northeast - began June 1 in Springfield, MA.

EDEN worked with the National Hazard Mitigation Association (NHMA) about a possible webinar on safe rooms, to involve FEMA, Extension and our VOAD state and national partners. While no webinar emerged, two fact sheets were produced.


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