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National Preparedness Month

This September: You Can Be the Hero.

As part of the EDEN community, you know firsthand how important it is to take the necessary steps towards emergency preparedness. We want you to join us this year and be part FEMA's National Preparedness Month campaign. With the 2013 National Preparedness Month right around the corner in September, we need your help to make sure this emergency preparedness message gets out to all communities.

This September will mark the tenth annual National Preparedness Month, an annual campaign led by FEMA to encourage all Americans to take the necessary steps towards emergency preparedness.

Once again, the Cooperative Extension Service, through EDEN, is a partner in this campaign and we encourage everyone to sign up with us to be a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member at

EDEN's role is to connect state and local Extension offices to expert materials in disaster mitigation, prevention, preparedness, recovery, and response. 

Your participation is important… and no event or initiative is too big or too small to make a difference.

A few initial ideas for how you can get involved include:

  • Sign up to be a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member at where you’ll have access to ready to use information and messaging, a calendar where you can promote your preparedness event, and the ability to connect with thousands of other members across the country to see what they are doing for preparedness and discuss ideas.
  • Include preparedness information on your website and in existing communications.  Once you are signed up to be a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member, you will have access to ready to use messaging.
  • Include preparedness in an existing event that is already planned and scheduled in your community… such as participating in a local farmers market to distribute preparedness information.
  • Create your own preparedness event this September.  From organizing practice drills to helping people in your community make an emergency plan to hosting a preparedness event, this National Preparedness Month is a great opportunity to host a preparedness event.
  • Have something else in mind? Pledge to launch a preparedness initiative this September.   

EDEN's content organization for the 2013 campaign is very similar to last year's for ease of navigation. However, various updates and improvements, inlcuding new printable handouts that fit almost any audience, have been made based on user feedback and newly available resources. As you browse through the available resources and examples provided, please offer any feedback and suggestions to the EDEN Communication Specialist, Abby Hostetler (

Thanks for doing your part to bring emergency preparedness to your community!

Areas of Awareness

Topic-Specific Resources

General Preparedness Resources


  • Penn State University -- Using a more year-around approach, rather than just a single month campaign, Penn State has a high focus on in-service training programs and outreach to non-Extension organizations.
  • South Dakota State University -- Seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to implement resources into any community or local NPM event planning, SDSU targets a variety of audiences. 


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