EDEN - the National Network

EDEN Chair  

Scott Cotton (WY)

EDEN Chair-Elect

Cheryl Skjolaas (WI)

EDEN Homeland Security Project Manager

Steve Cain (IN)

EDEN Communications Coordinator

Abby Hostetler (IN)

EDEN Web Manager

Pat Skinner (LA)

Representative of the 1890 Institution Program

Carolyn Williams (TX)

Representative of the Sea Grant Extension Programs

Susan Lovelace (SC)

EDEN USDA-NIFA National Liaison

Beverly Samuel (USDA)

Heads of EDEN Committees and Working Groups  


EDEN Member Extension Programs

EDEN Delegate Directory (including representatives of related Federal agencies)

This list can be filtered by State and Institution.

Toggle the POCs only switch to show all delegates (default) or only the designated Point of Contact for that institution's disaster education program.