The email address distributes to the Officers, Specific Functions Contacts, and Chairs of Standing Committees*.

 National Network Officers


Scott Cotton (WY)

Chair-Elect and Annual Meeting Program Chair

Cheryl Skjolaas (WI)


Lynette Black (OR)

Immediate Past Chair

Mike Yoder (NC)


Extension Representative Executive Committee Members

Representative of the 1890 Institution Programs

Carolyn Williams (TX)

Representative of the Sea Grant Extension Programs

Susan Lovelace (SC)


Chairs of Committees and Working Groups

Exercise Committee

Christina Sanders (WA)

Marketing Committee

Carrie McKillip (IL)

Information Clearinghouse Committee

Rick Griffiths (NM)

Professional Development Committee

Noel Estwick (TX)

2018 Annual Meeting Committee

Joyce Cavanaugh (TX)

Family/Children/Youth Program Area Work Group

Sherry Nelson (MO)

Agrosecurity Program Area Work Group

Andrew Higdon (KY)

Community/Economic Development Program Area Work Group

Ashley Mueller (NE)


Ex-officio Executive Committee Members

Homeland Security Project Manager

Steve Cain (IN)

Communications Coordinator

Abby Hostetler (IN)

ECOP Liaison

Nick Place (FL)

USDA-NIFA National Liaison

Beverly Samuel (USDA) 



Contacts for Specific Functions

Web Manager/Webmaster

Paco Capello / Austin Rome (LA)

Website Content (Submit articles, logos)

Rick Griffiths (NM)



EDEN Member Extension Programs

EDEN Delegates and Agency Representatives

Set Delegate Type to "POC"- to view a list of member institutions with their designated Points of Contact (POC). Note: Any member program that currently does not have a POC will not be in the list.


* Does not include chairs of working groups. To reach these chairs, use the address