Resource Catalog, Courses, Webinars, and Exercises

The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) links Extension educators from across the U.S. and various disciplines, enabling them to use, share, and produce resources to reduce the impact of disasters.

From food safety to field safety, from physical to psychological, and from government to community development, EDEN has resources you can use.

The Resource Catalog

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EDEN's Resource Catalog pulls together resources that are disaster specific, or contain information that can be applied to disaster preparedness, prevention, response, recovery or mitigation. The resources cataloged have been produced by EDEN Land-Grant and Sea Grant member extension programs, EDEN's partner agencies (USDA and NOAA), or by EDEN collaborative work, and include research-based publications, websites, webinars, courses, mobile apps, planning guides, manuals, training and exercise materials and more.

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Extension Courses

As Extension disaster programming has grown the national network and its members have developed courses to help families, farm and non-farm businesses and faith-based organizations reduce their vulnerability to disasters. Courses may be taken online by educators or the public, or may be downloadable materials and leader guides for use by extension and other disaster professionals. The courses listed have been developed by EDEN, by one of its state-based member Extension programs, or its agency partners (USDA and NOAA).

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Extension Webinars

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Extension-to-Extension webinars can help Extension professionals learn about disaster resources and programs used by their colleagues, keep up-to-date on federal disaster programs, and assemble a toolbox for building disaster resilient communities. Webinars listed here have been developed by EDEN, by one of its state-based member Extension programs, or by one of its agency partners (USDA and NOAA). If the webinar has publication date in the future, you can still participate; if not, you'll be able to view the archive.

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Planning, Training and Exercise Guides

Extension is increasingly engaging in disaster planning, training and exercises and encouraging clientelle to do the same. Some resources found here are developed by Extension for use by the consumer; some are for use by Extension and other qualified educators, trainers and community organizers to conduct planning workshops, training events or disaster exercises. Use the Target Audience filter to select resources intended for professional or consumer use.

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