Annual Meeting Committee

The Annual Meeting Committee Plans and conducts the EDEN Annual Meeting. The committee participates in program design, solicitation of presentations, and developing the agenda.

  • The EDEN Chair-Elect serves as the Program Chair for the EDEN Annual Meeting Committee. The Program Chair is responsible for leading the committee and establishing the Annual Meeting program and business agenda.
  • The Annual Meeting Chair represents the host institution and serves as the local host responsible for coordinating meeting facilities and local arrangements. The Annual Meeting Chair also serves as a voting member of the EDEN Executive Committee.
  • The EDEN Annual Meeting Committee is co-chaired by the Program Chair and the Annual Meeting Chair. It is expected that as soon as an institution is accepted to host an EDEN Annual Meeting that the individual who will serve as the Annual Meeting Chair participate in EDEN Annual Meeting Committee planning meetings for the proceeding Annual Meeting. The EDEN Annual Meeting Committee is open to all EDEN Delegates.