EDEN’s Leadership Offices


Chair – The chair is responsible for providing leadership to EDEN. This person convenes executive committee meetings and the annual meeting. The chair is the primary communicator with to membership and partners. The chair speaks on behalf of EDEN but may delegate that responsibility.


  • Chair-elect –The chair-elect serves as the executive committee’s liaison to the EDEN committees and as program chair for the annual meeting. The chair-elect succeeds to the chair at the end of the chair’s term. If the chair is unable to fulfill his/her obligations and duties, the chair-elect acts in his/her place.


  • Secretary – The secretary is responsible for taking and publishing minutes of executive committee meetings and the annual meeting.


  • Past Chair – The past chair chairs the nominating committee and is available for consultation.


Terms of Office – All officers are elected for a term of two years and take office at the end of the annual meeting for which their term should start.


Election – Officers will be elected through an electronic vote that precedes the annual meeting with one vote per POC or his/her designee. The election takes place in even-numbered years.


Eligibility – An individual must be a delegate from a member institution to be eligible for elected office. Delegates elected to office must have the support of their director/administrator to participate in meetings and to fulfill other obligations of the office. Elected officers serve as volunteers and are not compensated with EDEN funds for fulfilling officer responsibilities. However, officers may be reimbursed for approved expenses and may be under contract to complete specific EDEN work.


If any officer is unable or failing to fulfill his/her duties, the executive committee may take corrective action. 


Current officers and contact information for the entire EDEN leadership group can be found on the "Contact Us" page.