Executive Committee

Executive Committee – The executive committee is comprised of the chair, chair-elect, secretary, chairs of all standing committees, ECOP, NIFA, and NOAA Sea Grant liaisons, and additional regional representatives if necessary. Others may be asked to take part in executive committee meetings as non-voting participants.


The executive committee will have representation from the following regions: Northeast, South, North Central, West, 1890 institutions and Sea Grant institutions. If a region is not represented by one of the officers or a committee chair, the executive committee will select a representative to serve for a term of one year.


Standing Committees – EDEN standing committees are:

  • Information Clearinghouse
  • Professional Development
  • Marketing
  • Annual Meeting
  • Nominating
  • Exercise


The email address EDENExec@agcenter.lsu.edu distributes to all members of the EDEN Executive Committee.

For individual members, see the Contact Us page.