Information Clearinghouse Committee

The Information Clearinghouse Committee (ICH) oversees the collection and dissemination of   information through the Network's websites, the committee oversees EDEN's Resource Catalog. It also solicits program updates, educational materials, and scholarly works from member institutions and EDEN leadership to be highlighted in network communications.


Current Activities of the Information Clearinghouse Committee


  • Completing the transition from the Pre-2017 national EDEN website to the Post-2017 national EDEN website, as well as soliciting updates, educational materials, and scholarly works from delegates, to be featured on the site.
  • Working with the LSU Web team to streamline the Resource Catalog submission process and eliminate the backlog of resource records waiting to be published.
  • Developing a Web Messaging Strategy and Plan that directs communications based seasonal relevance or in-the-event-of criteria, so EDEN provides research based knowledge at the time of need.


 Accomplishments of the Information Clearinghouse Committee


  • Designed a new public EDEN website that is mobile friendly, highlights accomplishments of the network and its members, and attracts collaborators to EDEN and Extension. The design was based on surveys of - and conversations with - EDEN delegates and leadership. Launch was set for September, just ahead of the 2017 EDEN Annual Meeting.
  • Streamlined the resource catalog submission process and removed over 200 resources from the catalog backlog.
  • Suggested, and obtained support for, funding a website content coordinator to solicit and post new content for the website. The first contract was awarded to New Mexico State University in January 2017.


Join the Information Clearinghouse Committee

The ICH committee is always looking for new ideas and perspective; we welcome any delegate to join the ICH committee who is interested in helping us communicate the work of EDEN and Extension Services across the country engaged in disaster programming. The committee meets via phone and/or video conference the fourth Monday of each month at 3 PM Central Time. To join this committee, contact the chair, Rick Griffiths.