Marketing Committee


Help EDEN improve their communications with delegates and external partners



Through internal and external marketing, we provide support to delegates and partners by increasing the awareness and understanding of available resources and educational training opportunities



We provide marketing materials and usage guidelines that teach delegates and partners about EDEN and how it reduces the impact of disasters through education.


Current Activities of the Marketing Committee

  • New Delegate Toolkit,
  • “The Work of EDEN” case study / highlights,
  • Email instructions to members about how to access new marketing materials including the 1 pager,
  • EDEN 101 PowerPoint
  • State logos on the website


Accomplishments of the Marketing Committee

  • EDEN powerpoint templates,
  • 1 pager overview of EDEN,
  • EDEN 101 powerpoint presentation with narration,
  • Branding url to redirect to website,
  • Worked with Information Clearinghouse committee to review updated website proposals


Join the Marketing Committee

            Join the EDEN marketing committee to help spread the work of EDEN through web, video and print.  Committee members collaborate and work on many different types of marketing projects throughout the year. Contact the chair: Carrie McKillip (IL)