Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is appointed by the EDEN chair in even-numbered years and is chaired by the immediate past chair. This committee presents candidates for chair-elect and secretary to be voted on per voting requirements.


Election Process

The election of officers is conducted on-line, in the month prior to the Annual Meeting. This is a one-vote-per-institution election. Institution EDEN Points of Contact (POCs) receive ballots.


Results of the online election are announced at the Annual Meeting and the officers take their seats at the close of the final business meeting session of the Annual Meeting.


The EDEN Chair-Elect serves two years and ascends to the Chair position.

The EDEN Secretary serves two years and may stand for re-election.


2016 Nominating Committee

Chair: Rick Atterberry (IL)

Committee Members: 

 Andrea Higdon (KY)

 Lynette Black (OR)


2014 Nominating Committee: 

Chair: Virginia White (AL)

Committee Members:

 Linda Williams (MT)

 Andrea Higdon (KY)