Submit a Response Note

Response Notes is EDEN's system for helping our Extension family "touch base" or "phone home" when disaster strikes. It's a quick-capture form you can use to let EDEN (and our USDA liaisons) know whether you've been affected, to ask for help "from the family", and to share news about what you're doing to recover or to help your constituents or neighboring states recover. There's even a place to jot down notes - especially observations of the positive impacts you won't want to forget when it comes time to report within your institution's impact system.

Response Notes is NOT a substitute for the response reporting you would do as part of the local emergency response team. The nature of your Extension "response" to a disaster may not be something you'd consider an offical "response" activity. But, if you're part of that official response effort, you may find yourself copying some of this information into that system (or vice versa). It is not the way to request assistance from your state or local emergency manager or a federal agency that is engaged in response to the disaster. However, one of your EDEN colleagues, knowing you have a need and having had a similar experience, may be able to help or guide you to the best channels for getting where you're trying to go.

  • EDEN delegates are encouraged to use this form and their institutional email address to share disaster response information.
  • User login is not required, so others are able to send EDEN information
  • Each submission will carry a date/time stamp.
  • Each submission should add to what the users as already reported. Don’t repeat something you’ve already sent in (unless it’s a request for assistance and you haven’t been contacted yet).
  • Submit notes (the form) as often as you like, and don’t be too concerned with spelling, grammar, polish or lingo.  What comes in through this form will be managed and massaged before being distributed.

****   Also, please remember to communicate with your representative to the State Emergency Board (usually your Extension Director) and pass along any information about Cooperative Extension’s participation in that group.   ****


Does this report include a request for assistance from EDEN/Extension?

Provide a brief description of the emergency. Include statements about the scope of the emergency (number of citizens and/or geography currently affected/ threatened), the emergency's current and prospective impact on county/state agribusiness, and the current status of state declarations and other actions.
Describe any direct affects or threats to university personnel, including work shutdowns, displacements, personnel that cannot be accounted for, injuries and deaths. Are any campus buildings or county offices affected?
Describe how the University (particularly Cooperative or Sea Grant Extension) is responding to the crisis through disaster education, emergency communication, providing facilities, or other response activities. Please be specific regarding the target audience of these activities and the desired impact.
How have you used EDEN/eXtension resources? Have you benefited by using the EDEN ListServ, resource catalog, topic/issue pages, resources borrowed/shared through the network, conference calls, one-on-one with other delegates or other EDEN asset?
Jot down things you'd like to remember for your formal report.