EDEN Updates, Disaster Programs, and Events

The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is a collaborative multi-state effort by Cooperative Extension Services across the country to improve the delivery of services to citizens affected by disasters. EDEN's mission is to reduce the impact of disasters through research-based education.

EDEN Updates

Updates on projects, events, and activities from the network

EDEN Projects

The projects EDEN develops are chosen by its delegates based on the needs within their local communities states and regions. Some projects are developed by EDEN working groups while others are developed individually or by small teams.

USDA Special Needs Projects

The Smith-Lever Special Needs Competitive Grant Program supports innovative, education-based approaches to addressing emergency preparedness and specific responses related to natural and human-made disasters. Funded grant projects help Cooperative Extension to support quality of life in communities across the United States by addressing disaster preparedness, response, and recovery in the context of food, agriculture, natural resources and human sciences. USDA NIFA funds Special Needs projects  provides information and tools to stakeholders, collaborators and USDA to improve decision making in handling natural and human-made disasters.

Annual Meetings

Once a year, EDEN delegates assemble. At the annual meeting, delegates share best practices, developing research, and showcase projects that have been completed throughout the year. The Annual Meeting rotates by region, and is hosted in a location that offers delegates the ability to learn about diverse emergency preparedness issues facing the local community.

EDEN Conferences and Events

In addition to Annual Meetings, EDEN hosts subject based national and regional events and conferences. As well as, professional development and educational events designed to assist the Extension community engage in emergency preparedness work.