2015 Annual Meeting Conference Resources

2015 Extension Disaster Education Network Annual Meeting Conference Resources

Gold King Mine Summary




NDSU and Other Phone Apps for Disaster Education
Becky Koch, North Dakota State University


Facilitating COAD Development: A Pilot Project

Carrie McKillip, University of Illinois, Bev Maltsberger, University of Missouri, Ashley Mueller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lisa Fulkerson, University of Illinois, and Mike Gaffney, Washington State University


The Importance of Identifying and Addressing the Needs of At-Risk Populations in Planning for Disasters

Andrea Burniske, Purdue University, Sherry F. Nelson, University of Missouri, and Virginia White, Auburn University


EDEN Family Preparedness and During-the-Disaster Training Programs

Becky Koch, North Dakota State University, Lynette Black, Oregon State University, Connee Wheeler, University of Kentucky, Joyce Cavanagh, Texas  A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Jean Hall, Alabama CES, and Carolyn Washburn, Utah State University


Disaster Planning for the Prairie View A&M University Region

Chris Cotton and Jimmy Henry, Texas Prairie View A&M University


Bovine Emergency Response Plan Programming

David Workman and Jarred W. Yates, West Virginia University, Lisa Pederson and Charles Stoltenow, North Dakota State University, Steven Boyles, Ohio State University, Clyde Lane, University of Tennessee, and Jan Shearer, Iowa State University


Collaborative Partnerships for and Expanded National Youth Preparedness Education Model: Utilizing Land-Grant Universities as Catalysts

Ryan Akers, Mississippi State University, and Dave Nichols, Mississippi Citizen Corps of MS OHS


Value-added Opportunities for Extension Associated with Long-Term Recovery Efforts: Lessons from the Washington SR350 (Oso) Slide

Mike Gaffney, Christina Sanders, Monica Babine and Susan Kerr, Washington State University


Community Emergency Response Plans for Pets and Service Animals

Ragan Adams, Louisa Quijano, Victoria Buchan and Franklyn Garry, Colorado State University, Debrah Schnackenberg, Pet Aid Disaster Services


Introducing the New York Ag Sentinel Program: A Disaster Situational Awareness Tool for the Ag Extension Community

Keith Tidball, Cornell University


Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: Using Popular Youth Culture to Teach Concept Development

Lynette Black, Oregon State University


Extension Hurricane and Disaster Recovery Education and Communications Plan

Joyce Cavanagh and Tom A. Vestal, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service