Community Capacity-Building Program for Drought

The 28-page PDF is designed for local use and printing. It describes how to build a local team and involve the public in a community capacity-building program to combat drought, but is easily adaptable to other hazards.

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Drought is one of the most important natural disasters facing the United States in 2012 and 2013. The following is a no-nonsense guide to help you most quickly form a team to help your community tackle tough drought issues, and find informational resources to help.

All disasters are local. While there are state and federal programs and humanitarian assistance that can help, the widespread nature of the 2012-2013 mega-drought will require each community to assess your own abilities to respond to and recover from the drought.

This program guide will help you jump start a program to build capacity in your community to deal with the drought. We encourage members of your team to become very knowledgeable with the National Drought Mitigation Center’s Drought-Ready Communities webpage:  . It provides more in-depth information for the long-term and specific information – such as water sources – that will help your community address specific issues.

For more information, please contact the EDEN representative in your state. Use the State Information pick list in the header of this page to find EDEN delegates in each state.

*Extension Disaster Education Network National EDEN Issue Leadership team


Developed through a partnership between EDEN and the National VOAD Drought Task Force.

EDEN contribution to this effort was funded by the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (now National Institute of Food and Agriculture), U.S. Department of Agriculture under CSREES/USDA Agreement No. 2009-37620-20106